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You Don't Have to Live With Hip Pain

Living with hip pain can be a constant battle. Simple everyday tasks like walking can become difficult and sitting or even laying down can be painful. Fortunately, there are non-surgical ways to improve your quality of life. Weight management, physical therapy and stopping bad habits can go a long way in treating your hip pain. Working with a pain specialist will help you manage your hip pain and find the treatment that is appropriate for you. 

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that allows motion in multiple planes and transfers load from the upper body to the lower. Its repetitive use and load bearing nature is why hip pain is a commonly reported condition, especially in adults over 60.  The causes of hip pain is broad; but can be simplified to anterior (front), posterior (back) or lateral (side). Anterior hip pain with groin pain is usually associated with changes within the joint, like osteoarthritis, labral tears, or impingement of the femur and acetabulum. Posterior hip pain is associated with sacroiliac joint dysfunction, piriformis muscle pain, low back changes (including pinched nerves or radiating arthritis) and ischial related pathology. Lateral hip pain is seen with greater trochanter bursitis and other muscular dysfunction. While a good physical examination and history is the most important part of a diagnosis, x-ray imaging is helpful to rule out dislocation or fractures. An MRI can be used when conservative treatment fails and the X-ray is not diagnostic. Steroid injections, ablations and PRP injections can be very effective ways to stop hip pain, and works even better when used in conjunction with physical therapy. 

Advanced Pain Management can help you take control of your hip pain today.  You can schedule a consultation by calling 623-466-6350 or booking an appointment online today.

Vikramjeet Saini MD

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